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What is a CBA?

A Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is a project-specific agreement between a developer and broad community coalition that identifies potential adverse impacts of a capital project; proposes corresponding mitigation plans and details potential benefits of the project to the community in order to ensure community support for the project.

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What we do
Our Mission

The mission of the Delaware, Community Benefits Agreement Coalition is to promote community economic empowerment and advocacy to assist those adversely impacted by pertinent investment projects in the state of Delaware.

Our Goals
  • Establish and maintain an independent entity to provide oversight and monitoring of community benefits agreement activities developed statewide.

  • Appoint members of the Coalition Advisory Board to decision-making boards, commission and committees, statewide.

  • Advocate for programs to address negative environmental and public health impacts of business operations on local residents and communities.

  • Advocate for education, job readiness, job training and placement programs for local and targeted residents.

  • Establish an innovative incubator to assist small and or black-owned businesses to have access to Contract Awards.

Coalition Members 

Southbridge Civic Association
New Castle Prevention Coalition

Delaware Africa Coalition

National Association for Black Veterans
Edgemoor Revitalization Cooperative, Inc.

Sierra Club, Delaware Chapter

Banking Desert Initiative

Executive Committee Members

Jeffrey Richardson, Chairperson
Marie Reed, Vice Chair
Mujahid Nyahuma, Secretary

Our By-laws
Community Meeting PowerPoint 3/8/22
Public Hearing Transcript-DSPC-2020-P-MULTI-0024
Edgemoor Port Site Letter
DCBAC Response to #2020-P-Multi-0024
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